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South Bend International Airport Signs on to AST Service

South Bend Airport

Aviation Safety Technologies (AST) is proud to announce that South Bend International Airport, Indiana, USA, has recently signed on to use AST’s SafeLand™ sensors to support their winter Snow and Ice Plan. AST is looking forward to helping SBN to meet the snow and ice challenges associated with Lake Michigan’s lake-effect, as well as other airport surface challenges they face in 2019 and beyond!

What is SafeLand™?

AST’s SafeLand™ Surface Management System delivers real-time data about runway conditions, deceleration, and braking action. This data is gathered by two sensor types – aircraft-based and vehicle-based – and presented in easy-to-use reports. These reports are made instantly available to the pilots approaching today’s runways as well as airport operations, airline management, and the FAA.

Our vehicle-mounted sensors can detect contaminants at any point across any airport surface, from runways to roadways. Measurements include coverage area, type of containment, depth (down to 1/1000 of an inch), and air/ground temperatures. Using this data, runway maintenance crews can improve the scheduling and timing of runway treatments.