Benefits to airlines

From pilots to operations to safety managers – everyone wins

Real-time data about landing conditions

With live braking action and surface condition reports from AST, pilots, dispatchers, and airline personnel no longer have to rely solely on subjective PIREPS reports about runway conditions. They can augment PIREPS with objective real-time data about braking action as determined by the experienced friction realized by the landing aircraft. This helps minimize potential runway excursions or other incidents.

Better aviation

Pilots are responsible for hundreds of thousands of pounds of machinery coming to a safe stop on surfaces that are often slippery, icy, or snowy. When there are contaminants on a runway, AST's live data streams are a source of accurate, reliable braking information for pilots with a need to know – especially those who are on approach.

Where do YOU fit in this story?


Nothing is more important than having objective flight information in your hands as your aircraft approaches a runway.  Why should the condition of the runway itself be any different? AST offers you a whole new level of visibility into actual runway conditions so you can prepare and execute the best possible landings. You, your crew, and your passengers deserve nothing less.

Flight Dispatch

Your charter is to run a safe, compliant flight schedule as efficiently as possible. By helping airports to keep runways open, AST is part of that formula. Your flights will experience less delays, less diversions, and a more predictable operating environment. Fewer disruptions will keep your crew sequencing and maintenance plans intact. Flight operations are easier when AST is on the job.

Airline Operations Managers

Runway excursions can impact passenger safety, but serious injuries are rare. Except to the plane itself, which can require millions in repairs, out-of-service aircraft, and insurance-related costs. You need to know you’re doing everything you can to avoid that scenario efficiently and effectively. What’s more, AST’s reports and forecasts help you improve how your airline allocates payload decrements (fuel, passengers, cargo) as well as your traffic flow.

Safety Managers

For anyone whose job title has “safety” in it, AST’s real-time reports about contamination levels and actual braking action should be incorporated into your SOP. By using AST, you’re helping to protect everyone: your airline, your airports, and the most precious cargo of all – your passengers and co-workers.

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