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AST Developing Runway Friction Model

May 4, 2018

AST Developing Runway Friction Model

AST’s Runway Friction Forecast is a state-of-the-art forecasting model for available runway friction for landing aircraft.

The forecasting model is developed using landing data collected since 2012.  AST’s database contains over nine million landings in the continental US of various types of aircraft.  The model is based on and uses an extension of the latest machine learning and AI technology to provide reliable friction forecasts based on a number of input parameters that amongst others include the actual past, actual present and forecasted weather conditions collected automatically and aggregated from 13 different weather sources, the location direction, surface type of the runway, aircraft type for which the prediction is made.   The machine learning algorithm was developed and tested on the database containing more then nine million landings and delivers a reliable and stable forecasting platform tested and validated on all major airports/runways in the US.

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