AST's SafeLand software accurately reports aircraft runway surface characteristics, true braking friction, cornering friction and tire and brake wear. This technology has significant value to pilots, air carriers and airports.


SafeLand Software technology uses real time data to monitor and measure aircraft systems to perform 3 dimensional aircraft simulation from landing to ground movements. In this way AST's algorithm can deliver normalized braking reports as well as runway braking and cornering coefficients.
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SafeScan technology grants airports the ability to measure and report contaminants across the entire airport surface in real time and with great accuracy. The sensor can determine contaminant type as well as depth to a thousandth of an inch. SafeScan also captures the air and surface temperature associated with the airfield.
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Aviation Safety Technologies Completes FAA Grant Project

Aviation Safety Technologies, LLC is proud to announce completion of a FAA Grant Project, DTFACT-14-C-00004 entitled “Determining Runway Friction Conditions in Real Time Using Data Obtained from Airplanes during Landing Rollout” The project was performed by Aviation Safety Technologies, LLC (AST) personnel with tremendous support […]

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