Transformational insights

What today's aviators need and expect

Data and insight from thousands of landings a day

Objective, compliant reports

World’s first data-driven, TALPA-compliant, RCAM-derived RwyCC service (AC 150-5200-30)

Two sensors

Aircraft-based sensors provide data for measuring braking action, vehicle-based sensors provide data for measuring surface contamination

Aircraft readings

Augments PIREPS with data-based insight into actual deceleration forces affecting landing aircraft

Ground readings

Easy-mount vehicle-based sensors measure and manage all airside and landside surfaces

Real-time insight and collaboration

Aggregates real-time data and instantly shares it with airline and airport personnel for optimum situational awareness

Built-in friction forecasts

Sees into the future – lets you plan and prepare maintenance tasks based on projected weather, runway conditions, and availability

Use one or both sensor types

You can deploy one sensor type or put both to work together, easy to use

Customizable reports

Easily integrates with your existing information systems, no need to add a separate user interface

Scalable deployment

Acquire, deploy, and expand at your own pace, flexible leasing terms available

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