Vehicle-based sensors

Real-time data about the surfaces you manage

SafeScan uses vehicle-mounted optical sensors, deployable on any airport vehicle, to measure and report surface contamination across all airport surfaces – both airside and landside.

Coverage typically includes...

Full-length departure runways, end-of-landing runways, turnoffs, taxiways, ramps, aprons, etc., as well as landside surfaces like roadways and parking.
Vehicle-based sensors

Our mobile infrared spectroscopy sensors measure contaminant coverage, type, and depth to a thousandth of an inch and also record air and surface temperatures. SafeScan converts this data into user-friendly, color-coded reports that allow quick and easy interpretation.

Runway condition codes are reported for each 1/3 of the entire runway length, using standard TALPA nomenclature: 0-6. All reports include recommended treatment options to prevent friction-related events—e.g., overruns, hydroplaning.

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