AST SafeScan Friction Forecaster™

With SafeScan Friction Forecaster™, you can know what surface conditions will be – and what to do about it

AST's new Friction Forecaster™ Model

Developed using landing data that has been collected since 2012, AST’s friction forecasting technology leverages a robust database contains over 13 million landings in the continental U.S. of various types of aircraft.

We leverage the latest machine learning and AI technology

AST’s Friction Forecaster™ Model provides reliable friction forecasts based on a number of input parameters that include, among others:

The machine-learning algorithm was developed and tested on the AST database containing millions of landings. It delivers a reliable and stable forecasting platform tested and validated on all major airports/runways in the US.

Early warnings – seeing the future so you can prepare for it

Our friction forecasts provide airports and carriers with multiple opportunities to make well-informed decisions that can help increase safety, operational efficiency, and cost savings. For example:

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