SafeLand is the world’s first runway condition reporting service that uses landing aircraft as runway friction measuring devices. Analyzing data from nearly 1,500 connected commercial aircraft, SafeLand calculates experienced runway friction in a standardized way to deliver an objective, normalized runway condition report. The computational model used in SafeLand has been rigorously tested in scientific, accident investigation, and operational contexts over the past twelve years.


SafeScan grants airports the ability to measure and report surface contamination for all airport surfaces with unprecedented accuracy. The vehicle-mounted sensors measure contaminant coverage, type, and depth to a thousandth of an inch. SafeScan converts this data into user-friendly reports that allow airport operations personnel to quickly grasp airfield surface conditions. Runway conditions are reported for each 1/3 of the entire runway length, using standard TALPA nomenclature.

Evaluate runway conditions without closing the runway

Receive objective, data-based braking action reports

Make smarter decisions about the use of anti-icing and deicing agents

Stay ahead of surface condition problems with friction forecasts out to 90 minutes

Mitigate accident risk

Receive and issue alerts when existing or developing problems arise