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AST Runway Friction Measurement and Reporting System Complies With New ASTM International Standard

New ASTM International Standard continues the evolution of aviation safety and efficiency for both airlines and airports

Aviation Safety Technologies is proud to confirm its runway friction measurement and reporting system complies with new ASTM International Standard E3266

ASTM LogoChicago, Illinois, U.S.A. – December 2, 2020 – Chicago-based Aviation Safety Technologies (AST) is pleased to announce that the SafeLand™ Surface Management System, today’s leading runway friction measuring and reporting platform, complies with the aircraft braking measurement standard recently released by ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

The new ASTM International Standard E3266 for Friction-Limited Aircraft Braking Measurements and Reporting, published in November 2020, applies to systems that measure and report on braking forces and runway friction. This standard applies to any automated system that uses data from an aircraft to create what ASTM International calls an Aircraft Braking Action Report. According to ASTM International, any such system may be installed on an aircraft or operated remotely.

“With ASTM International Standard E3266, the aviation world now has a definitive international standard that provides objective measuring and quantifying of the actual landing risk on wet or contaminated runway surfaces experienced by commercial aircraft,” said Joe Vickers, CEO of AST. “This important advance brings not only significant safety benefits but improved operational efficiency and runway maintenance. The new standard embodies the march of progress as we evolve from subjective assessments of runway conditions to objective, science-based measurements. We’re proud that our SafeLand™ system, which currently measures and reports on real-time data from more than 2,000 commercial aircraft wherever they land, complies with this new standard.”

The AST SafeLand™ system provides aircraft operators, airports, and regulatory bodies with live information about wheel braking coefficients based on actual braking data from previously-landed aircraft. SafeLand’s Braking Action Reports deliver real-time insight into runway conditions based on data collected from aircraft-based sensors. The aircraft sensors allow measurement of the precise braking action of landing aircraft based on surface conditions and the impact of contaminants such as water, ice, or snow. These real-time reports can be made instantly available to incoming aircraft, ground personnel, airport operations, and authorities. Using this information, pilots can improve their landing decisions while airports can improve their surface management strategies. The bottom line is enhanced safety, more efficient operations, higher runway uptime, and more reliable flight schedules for passengers.

“What are the actual runway surface conditions? What is the measured braking action? Making this information available to an incoming pilot increases safety beyond conventional subjective assessments,” said Vickers. “AST provides data-based reports based on previous landings to help approaching pilots make better safety-related decisions and airport personnel optimize runway maintenance and uptime. This is hugely valuable insight.”

Other updates regarding the new ASTM International standard include:

About Aviation Safety Technologies

Aviation Safety Technologies (AST) is the world’s leading real-time braking action and surface condition reporting company for aviation. The ASTM International-compliant SafeLand™ Surface Management System currently delivers real-time data about braking action and runway conditions to a broad community of airports and airlines. AST uses data downloaded from aircraft in real-time to calculate wheel braking coefficients using proprietary Aircraft Braking Action Reports. To date, AST has recorded more than 14 million landings for airlines and airports, enabling advanced data analytics on experienced runway friction.

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