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AST Adds Artificial Intelligence to its Industry-leading Aircraft Braking Measurement and Reporting System

The SafeLand™ Surface Management System continues to advance its role in the future of aviation safety.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, U.S.A., December 15, 2021  – Chicago-based Aviation Safety Technologies (AST) is proud to announce the development of two advanced AI-based analytic modules supporting their SafeLand™ Aircraft Braking Action Reporting (ABAR) system. AST is the world’s leading ABAR provider, with more than 2,000 passenger jet transport aircraft reporting all landings into the AST SafeLand™Surface Management System. More than 16 million landings have been recorded in cooperation with airlines through prototype agreements, making AST the world’s leading provider of science-based aircraft braking action information.

“Our SafeLand system recently demonstrated full compliance with ASTM Standard E3266 for Friction-Limited Aircraft Braking Measurements and Reporting,” explained Joe Vickers, AST CEO. “This compliance was demonstrated at the annual Society of Aircraft Performance and Operations Engineers (SAPOE) Conference in October, 2021. Now, with the addition of these two AI modules, the AST team has added even greater value and relevance to the empirical surface management data we provide. “

AI Module #1 – Real-Time Aircraft System and Sensor Performance Monitoring

AST is employing the latest Big-Data and AI technologies on its vast 16 million+ landing database to develop an autonomous aircraft performance monitoring system. The machine-learning algorithm fine tunes its own performance, basically adapting itself to each individual aircraft tail. It monitors the aircraft’s performance related to aerodynamic drag and thrust reverser effectiveness – among other metrics – with each landing. The algorithm also monitors tires and brakes, reporting their status based on actual experienced conditions (friction, load). The AI can identify changes in performance of a specific system of a specific aircraft due to otherwise undetected damage or undue wear-and-tear. Lastly, it can detect sensor problems and can alert the airline if a sensor is misaligned or reports bad data. All results are available in real time.

AI Module #2 – Forecasting The Future of Runway Conditions and Available Friction

AST’s machine-learning AI system constructs separate dedicated machine-learning models for each individual runway at each airport in the U.S. within AST’s vast database. The AI module mines the ever growing 16 million+ landings in the database and adjusts the developed machine-learning models with every new landing. It uses weather forecasts to accurately predict if aircraft braking will improve or worsen during next 90 minutes. These forecasts are updated every minute for a given runway, providing a high level of confidence in predicting what changes in braking action could be expected. It all adds up to a deeper understanding by pilots of available friction, reliable forecasts of what’s to come, and enhanced aviation safety through science-based surface management.

About SafeLand™

AST developed their SafeLand™ technology in response to aircraft accidents occurring as a result of runway over-runs and runway excursions. AST’s Braking Action Reports deliver real-time insight into runway conditions based on data collected from aircraft-based sensors. The aircraft sensors allow measurement of the precise braking action of landing aircraft based on surface conditions and the impact of contaminants such as water, ice, or snow. These real-time reports can be made instantly available to incoming aircraft, ground personnel, airport operations, and FAA/CAA authorities. Using this information, pilots can improve their landing decisions while airports and the FAA can improve their surface management strategies. The bottom line is enhanced safety, more efficient operations, higher runway uptime, and more reliable flight schedules for passengers.

About Aviation Safety Technologies

Aviation Safety Technologies (AST) is the world’s leading real-time braking action and surface condition reporting company for aviation. AST is a portfolio company of the Dillon Kane Group, a group of affiliated companies that builds technology solution businesses. Visit the Dillon Kane Website to learn more.

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